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about me

Welcome in my virtual art-studio! My name is Marianna Tomovics. I was born in Velký Biel(near Bratislava)in Slovakia on 5th April 1963. I graduated the Art highschool in 1982.From my 17th age I have been participating on many different art-meetins,symposiums and exhibitions.

At the beginning of my creation I painted landscapes,portraits,horses and female nudes.So I have been intellectually maturating,so was changing the theme and technique of my pictures.In the last years I deal with abstract paintings and symbolism.I am interested in soul of the human.I try to express feelings,relationships between people,also my relation to the people,to the nature,but especially to the God.I also paint pictures without deeper thought,but they are decorative and "just" delightful for the view.What the technique concerns,at beginning I painted preferably with oil and dry pastel.In the present I combine different techniques,like acrilyc and oil,pasting different materials,like paper,textile,metal,cord and wood,whereby I can achive intresting plastical effects,compositions,stuctures and reliefs.I hope that you will spend with my pictures bautiful moments or at least they will to stir emotions in you.If yo like one of my work of art and if you whish to have it,than don't hesitate and contact me!
At the moment I create and live in Bratislava with my husband and our
three children.

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